Who the fuck is CFR anyways?

Courtnee is an independent solo artist based out of Seattle, WA. that has been writing, performing, producing and recording original music since 1995.


Formerly noted as “One of MP3. com’s fastest rising electronic allstars”, Courtnee first became known for music as the haunting, creepily exhilarating underground artist nondescriptly known as Not Applicable. Courtnee was active in the digital music revolution at the turn of the century, recording, mixing, and releasing independent music online, contributing to news articles, and developing an international cult fanbase of a select few gen-x geeks and weirdos.


Courtnee worked with The Dream Traveler creating “Structure and “Headpusher”, released through Fade Records in 2003. “Headpusher would go on to be featured on Nick Warren’s Global Underground Release “Reykjavik”. Courtnee also lended vocals to Scribe Machine’s excellent electronic album “Replicant”, in the track Fragile, which was later released as a Maxi-single through Plan B and Tower Records, also in 2003, and is noted to work periodically with Aaron Marshall of Noct.

The music of Not Applicable has been used in numerous films, as noted in this sites Discography, and also IMDB.

Early Releases:

The bands original works, “Point of Origin” (1999), and “Altercations” (2000), are now available on the self-release “Autochthon” (2012) through Courtnee’s Bandcamp.

In 2007, Courtnee self-released “Songs of Leaving”, a 50-album limited edition run sold exclusively on notapplicable.org, which sold out in September of 2011. That same year Courtnee performed for the last time as Not Applicable in her first fully produced live show, “Embodied”, made possible by this kickstarter campaign.

Current Projects:

Courtnee is still making music and occasionally touring, as Courtnee Fallon Rex, having released the Keep Going, Decatur, and Serpentine albums under this name. Next up is Cold Front.

Other artistic pursuits:

In addition to a professional freelance career as a musician, painter, director and circus aerialist, Courtnee also served as an ensemble troupe member for six years with The Little Red Studio, and four years as the board president, co-founder and creative director of Vita Arts, a 501(c)(3) arts non-profit, producing “The Obsidian Show” and “How Art Saved My Life”, respectively.

Personal life:

A former dot-com hopping desk jockey, hacker, massage therapist, and wife, Courtnee now lives a strange iconoclastic loner existence as a doer of things who thinks deeply, feels deeply, and lives life on their own terms. Shortly after releasing Keep Going, Courtnee embraced an itinerant life and moved into her van, now splitting time between couch surfing, Seattle, and living on the road, having toured nationally twice since 2015. Born in Sacramento, the Californian, academic non-conformist, tea lover, renaissance person, and on-again, off-again domestic chef has enjoyed homebasing in the Pacific Northwest since 1998.

Touring live solo act