Who the fuck is CFR anyways?

Courtnee is an independent solo artist based out of Seattle, WA. She has been writing, performing, producing and recording her own music since 1995; influences of which have included Dead Can Dance, Poe, Nirvana, and Archive. In addition to being a lifetime musician, Courtnee is a visual and performance artist as well.

Courtnee was known as “Not Applicable” during the rise of independent online music, where she was noted as “One of MP3.com’s fastest rising electronic allstars” for her distinctive ambient electronic style. During this time she collaborated with many artists and film makers, as noted on her Discography, and also IMDB.

Courtnee grew up in Sacramento as part of the hacker scene and for many years was a staple of the yearly DEFCON convention in Las Vegas. She was the first Courtnee on the internet, as well as one of the first webcams online in 1996. Just before the turn of the century, Courtnee transplanted to Seattle to work in early social media at Microsoft, and later at a startup working on early smart phones.

Not long after moving to Seattle, Courtnee became a performing circus aerialist for 13 years, teaching lessons for many of those years. She was also an ensemble troupe member, actor, and resident aerialist for six years with The Little Red Studio, and served four years as the board president and creative director of Vita Arts, a 501(c)(3) arts non-profit she co-founded in 2009. In addition to these pursuits, Courtnee maintained solo artistry in all of her mediums, as documented at neevita.net.

In 2015, shortly after releasing Keep Going, Courtnee fled the despicable economic warfare that is the housing market to spend most of her savings on a rusted van named Bella Stinkbutt. She has been traveling in some form or another ever since.

Courtnee is 37 years old and still waiting for some kind soul to write a fucking wikipedia article about her.