Become a Patron of the arts for as little as $1.

Thanks for considering becoming a CFR patron! Here are a few options to contribute to my work.


Arguably, the best method of supporting even while on a budget is to contribute to my Patreon campaign for $1 or more a month.

Buy (and circulate) my music

Another excellent way to support my work is to buy it, come see it, and share it with your friends. It really does matter when you spread buzz around, and leaves a lot more space for me to do the work rather than monkey dance for a draw. Speaking of draw: drag your friends to my shows along with you. Nothing beats an in-person referral.


To send money (cheapest fees, fastest interception) via web, iOS or Android, I suggest Square Cash. My Cashtag is $Courtnee. I believe they only run debit cards through Square cash, to prevent credit card fraud.

I also have paypal, and offer a monthly paypal subscription suite of numerous denominations for those who really don’t want another social media site like Patreon to interact with, but want to give on a recurring basis.

Monthly Support Options


Other ways to patronize CFR


I am a DIY solo artist. I am often exhausted of social media and keeping my face out there in the wake of recording, writing, producing, and creating my music and artwork, and also: life! Is marketing/promotion your bag? Contact me. I’m looking for an intern to help me get the fuck off this damn computer.

Tour managing/collaboration

Due to resource and energy limitation, as well as unreliability in terms of the van, I am unlikely to tour again on my own. No two ways about it; It would make a hell of a difference if I had someone in the know helping me figure out the touring thing. Is that someone you? Contact me!

Hand down your old equipment

My laptop is a constant life saver and enables me to survive. My phone keeps me connected and able to figure out where I am going. Both of these things and many more were handed down to me after someone upgraded or stopped using them. Do you have something laying around in a drawer that you now realize might make the life of a road weary nomad alien easier? Contact me!

Sponsoring merch

Have an idea of something I should be selling at my shows? Awesome! Know what’s even more awesome? If you wanna help me pay to get ’em made, or have a buddy in the business! Contact me!

Gift cards

I use them. Restaurants, gas stations, retail outlets; virtually any gift card you’re not using, I can make use of or trade for something useful. Got any laying around? Contact me!

For gods sake feed me

My world is transformed when someone simply puts food in front of me. Little else makes such a difference in my life, and how well I handle it emotionally. If you’re down to feed me when I’m in your hood, let me know!

Touring live solo act