“Haunting, Beautiful, and Tinged with Menace”

“Creepily exhilarating”

“an angry, foulmouth woman”

“Fucking hilarious”


“hypnotic and addictive”

Courtnee Fallon Rex is an independently touring solo artist based out of Seattle, WA.

Using simple instrumentation combined with an unforgettable voice to create more than the sum of their parts, downtempo piano soul, acoustic melodic soft rock guitar, ethereal macabre accordion, and ambient electronic undertones round out Courtnee’s unique and intriguing style.

Courtnee’s performances are intimate, eclectic, and peppered with vulgarity and comic relief. Lyrical themes are often rooted in nee’s social criticisms — rape culture, patriarchy, romance supremacy, colonialism, ableism — with arcs proceeding to women’s liberation and personal development. The feel is often dark and reflective, yet humorous and hopeful, with moments of drama that sway into 90’s gothic. Similar vocalists include Sinead O’Connor, Jewel, Lisa Gerrard, and Beth Gibbons of Portishead.

Further history and more in-depth bio available here.

“Seeing Courtnee perform was amazing! There was a point I thought the wine glasses were going to shatter!! To me it’s neoclassical performance art. If her songs were the soundtrack to my nightmares then i would prefer them over my dreams. If you are a fan of Enigma, Dead Can Dance, Susixe and the Banshee’s… In other words hauntingly beautiful songs then this is for you!!!” – Isaac Grant, Analogue Collective

Courtnee returns to the Black Sparrow on January 12th!

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Tech rider:

Courtnee’s full setup consists of:

Roland RD300NX (88 keys)
Roland XV-88 (88 keys)
Roland Rc-300 (3-channel looper)
Cathedral Reverb
Boss VE-5 vocal performer
TC Helicon Harmony G XT
Shure Beta 87 microphone
Composite Cargo 6 string acoustic/electric guitar
Mitchell MU100CE Acoustic/electric concert ukulele
Hohner 12 bass accordion
Roland BA-300 PA (for small, non-traditional venues, outdoors, and house shows)

All components can run through the single 1/4″ main out (mono or stereo) on the RC-300 taking up only one channel on a venues sound system. The accordion is acoustic, usually amplified by the Beta vocal mic. Courtnee often runs her own sound for shows, but also enjoys running single instrument and vocal channels into a house mixer when working with ample sound checks and proficient sound engineers. The accordion positively sings when amplified by dual instrument mics.

For short sets, Courtnee generally just needs a Microphone and a 1/4″ input